A delightful variant of the Cuvée de Réserve brut is the Cuvée de Réserve demi-sec.


Meunier 70% and Pinot noir 30%


Alcoholic and Malolactic in stainless steel and enamelled steel tanks.


4 years (minimum)

Rest period after disgorging

8-12 months

Ageing potential

2 to 3 years

Tasting notes

This champagne has a lovely light yellow colour with glints of straw yellow.
The first nose offers a slight buttery scent with hints of white flowers which then develops into a fruity, peach like aroma.
These flavours are confirmed in the mouth and a light brioche and creamy cake note is added. In a glass, after a short time, an agreeable suggestion of acacia flowers is revealed, conveyed by its sugar content.

Wine Pairing

Our suggestions :

The amazingly creamy taste of this champagne goes wonderfully with foie gras, exotic spicy dishes and desserts.