Limited Edition


93 pts – Wine Enthusiast
92 pts – Decanter World Wine Awards


EOCENE: Period in the Tertiary era.

This period, in the Tertiary era, lasted about 21 million years. Characterized by a great diversity of mammals, the Eocene period is also well known for its gasteropods which were very well established. These molluscs took part in slowly creating the sedimentary layers which now makes up our terroir. These stratum, of marine and land origin, are made up of alternating layers of rocks, clay and limestone in which a great variety of fossils were trapped. This authentic terroir of the Marne Valley gives a typical mineral quality to our wines.


Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Noir 20%

Grape growing

Labeled ‘’High Environmental Value’’.


100% French oak barrels*.
*Our barrels mostly come from the Tonnellerie de Champagne.

Tasting notes

This champagne displays a light yellow colour with glints of gold. The delicate effervescence is fed by numerous strings of tiny bubbles.
The nose is complex with a multitude of aromas that develop in the glass. lt has notes of white fruits then touches of citrus fruits underlined by a delicate smokiness.
On the palate, this wine reveals a perfect balance between the fresh mineral and saline taste and its aromatic maturity. A few subtle notes of spices and white fruits can be found which are finally underlined by a slight lemon taste.

Wine Pairing

Our suggestions :

Eocene is a gourmet champagne. This wine goes wonderfully well with seafood and shellfish such as lemons scallops, cod and wild mushrooms fricassee, seafood risotto or even with a guinea fowl and caramelized oranges.