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ANTHOCYANE : natural pigmentation

Anthocyanes are the pigments responsible for the pinkish red or even bluish colour of some fruits. Grapes with black skins, which is the case of both Pinot noir and Meunier, have a high concentration of anthocyanes. Due to being macerated for several days, the bluish skins gently transfer their colour to the juice. All sorts of different hues of red and pink are obtained through this method as are the fruit and spicy essences. Making the cuvée ”Rosé Anthocyane” has given Adrien and Paul a chance to express their creative spirit by making a rosé champagne which is both refined and characteristic of their new range.


Meunier 60%, Pinot Noir 40%

Grape growing

Labeled ‘’High Environmental Value’’.


Stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels*.
*Our barrels mostly come from the Tonnellerie de Champagne.

Tasting notes

With its honest radiant colour, this wine has an attractive tint of pink coral. Its effervescence is subtle, fed by a chain of numerous tiny bubbles.
The nose is wonderfully fresh and flowery with a fruity bouquet recalling citrus fruits and red berries, which develops into spicy notes.
On the palate the savours are balanced between the smell and the taste. The red berries with hints of wild strawberries are underlined by blood oranges and spices like saffron. The finale in the mouth is long and expressive.

Wine Pairing

Our suggestions :

Light and airy, this champagne goes as well as with an appetizer than with a dish, such as dried or smoky ham and basil’ wraps, cherry tomatoes and ricotta’ bruschettas, but also with grilled red meat in summer time. In dessert, this cuvée will easily match with citruses and red berries such as red and black currant’ macaroons, citruses soberts, a strawberry charlotte or a raspberry and lime’ crumble.